About Us

We are here to look after you, whether it is your first or your hundredth visit we understand that we are here to look after you and your eyes. With over thirty years in the optical industry, we have seen many advancements in ophthalmic technologies. We pride ourselves in making sure that the best of these advancements are available for you.

We undertake comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessments and hearing aid evaluations so you have complete assurance in your results and the recommendations made.

In order to ensure the appropriate recommendations are made, it is important that when we assess your hearing we truly understand how your hearing affects you. Sometimes a hearing impairment could simply be caused by a build-up of wax and if this is the case we can advise on its removal.

Robert is our vastly experienced Audiologist. He offers independent advice- unlikely to be found elsewhere. We offer free trial evaluation periods of any hearing aid you select. Come and see Rob if you have struggled with hearing aids in the past. He will sort you out!


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